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 Astrology In The 21st Century

If you have ever felt out of step or disconnected from what you’re doing in life, then you know something of what it means to lose your path. Most people have an innate sense of what they are supposed to be doing with their time, but occasionally the challenges life throws our way can often leave us asking what the point of it all is anyways. It is in times like this that turning to the age old Art of Astrology can be most revealing. By understanding the dynamics of our astrological charts can we hope to unravel the mystery of what we should be doing with our time.

The shape of astrology today that we are most familiar with is actually based on the ancient system developed by the Romans. The Romans originally modeled their system on the old innovations of the Egyptians and Persians; however the twelve house system that we recognize today was predominantly codified by the scientist Claudius Ptolemy.

What modern astrology seeks to do is understand the invisible influence of the planets position in the stars upon our everyday lives. The human species is a creature who loves habit and routine, and the formation of these routines and habits is first influenced by the continuing routine of our galaxy’s planets. 

Astrology today is used mainly to learn the true nature of each challenge we will encounter during a week or month long period of time.In this sense it is very similar to Numerology. Knowing for example that the Sun is entering Gemini, or that Pluto is leaving Scorpio gives us a frame for understanding why certain arguments happen, or why uncommon problems arise. Understanding that this week’s flat tire is related to a grander astrological concept like accepting problems you can’t control is an example of the benefits of this ancient mystical art.

Although originally made popular as a means to predict an enemy’s death, or perhaps winning the interest of a lover, astrology today can be seen as more of a natural form of psychology. In order to experience the power of astrology, set time aside each day to meditate upon the transit of the moon during any given month. Focus on what sign of the zodiac the moon will in when it is fullest. Pay careful attention to how the days feel just before, and just after the full moon. Doing this exercise will help you to realign one’s self with nature.

Consider that the moon is responsible for regulating the tides of our planets largest bodies of water. Since the percentage of our body’s is mostly water, it doesn't take much effort to see how the other objects in our galaxy can affect us on a day to day basis.

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