You can now go digital for your reading

The man wants to know everything that is happening around him and would like to have a perfect mastery of his surroundings. This is the reason why the latter has embarked on psychic reading, which is an art form. It is not an art of divination but the ability to read and interpret the energies around you.

How to do a body psychic reading?

This reading requires no secrets, its mastery is acquired only with experience. To carry out the psychic readings it is necessary that you work on the 4 elements that is to say the water, the fire, the earth and the wind that you will represent by a candle lit, a glass of water of the incense and a piece of land. Spend 5 minutes on each object to feel the energy they emit. Do some meditation and you will be able to recognize blindly all the energies that these 4 elements contain. Once able to recognize this force, you can move on to the next method which is planetary reading. Each day, take the planet time corresponding to the planet of the day and start to feel the associated energies. By drawing on all these resources, you will immediately feel your own energy and better understand your body.

How to do a digital psychic reading?

Digital tools can also be used for psychic reading. These instruments offer the opportunity to improve mental health. There are several therapists for example who use digital tools to heal their patients. They often use computers or playgrounds to complete their meditations. So the computer or other digital objects can be used for psychic reading and to have a healthy and quiet mental health. However, this differs according to the mode of use of these. There are virtual helmets that are linked to a screen and that will allow you to make a safe astral journey and that will also allow you to learn more about the forces around you.

Clairvoyance services

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